AI-Driver's Log
The intelligent driver's log

TSI Light Driver's Log

TSI Light is the AI-Driver's Log from TSI

With the unique Artificial Intelligence of our Route-AI, keeping a GPS driver's log is actually automated.

TSI Light not only reliably records your journeys, but also uses Route-AI to intelligently add reasons for journeys, contact persons and other additional information on its own.

Route-AI keeps learning automatically and automatically recognises your destinations, so that manual entries quickly become unnecessary.

TSI Light

24 Months

  • Automatic driver's log
  • With Route-AI: integrated artificial intelligence
  • Free Smartphone app
  • Tracking module included
  • Complete set at the best price
from 9.95€ per month
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TSI Light


The flexible choice
  • Automatic driver's log
  • With Route-AI: integrated artificial intelligence
  • Free Smartphone app
  • Short contract term
from 14.95€ per month
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Artificial Intelligence really automates your driver's log
With Artificial Intelligence, the automatic driver's log becomes even smarter!
TSI Route-AI
  • Automatically recognise recurring journeys
  • Automatically assign trip reason and contact person
  • Automatically exclude private journeys
  • and much more …

do I need Route-AI in my driver's log?

Our driver's log automatically records all journeys and Route-AI adds information on drivers, frequent destinations and reasons for journeys. The AI learns on its own and automatically adds trip reason, contact person, stopovers and other information that is important for your driver's log.

Individual route segments, e.g. between breaks and fuel stops, are clearly assigned to your journeys when, for example, you do not drive directly to your business appointment.

When do I need a driver's log?

Accurate records are particularly relevant for tax returns in order to separate business and private journeys.

This can apply if companies provide employees with company cars that may also be driven privately, or if entrepreneurs only use one vehicle.

A driver's log helps you save money, especially compared to flat-rate taxation!

Requirements for Driver's Logs

Only properly kept and complete driver's logs are recognised by tax authorities. Conventional automated or GPS-based driver's logs usually only cover a portion of the requirements automatically and regularly require additional manual entries.

A complete driver's log also requires a lot of additional information for each business trip, which can only be supplemented automatically by Route-AI's unique AI functionality.

For every journey

Date and time, duration

GPS driver's log

Mileage of the vehicle before departure and after arrival

GPS driver's log

Place of departure and destination

GPS driver's log


GPS driver's log

Reason / purpose of the journey


Contact person, Clients, Order numbers


Exclusion of private journeys

Only with artificial intelligence is your driver's log truly complete!

More time for essentials

TSI's driver's log with Route-AI progressively saves you more & more work, leaving you more time for essentials.

The self-learning algorithms recognise frequent journeys and add related information usually fully automatically already after only a short time.

Keeping a driver's log has never been quicker!

Route-AI in your driver's log

Route-AI classifies automatically

After only a short time, Route-AI learns your destinations and in most cases classifies your journeys fully automatically.

With the corresponding indicator, you can see at any time how confident Route-AI is with its classification and you can, of course, confirm or correct it at any time.

Artificial Intelligence

Route-AI uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art self-learning algorithms to intuitively understand your journeys. After just a short time, Route-AI declares trip reason and additional information for your typical destinations all by itself.

Self-learning driver's log

Statistically speaking, the majority of all journeys are recurring. Allow Route-AI to do the work for you when keeping your driver's log. You only add journeys that are actually new - and Route-AI learns along with you.

Route-AI keeps learning with Artificial Intelligence
TSI - Your Telematics Partner

TSI - Your Telematics Partner

TSI Telematic Services GmbH is a leading provider of telematics solutions and services. With TSI Light, we bring our established product line and many years of experience to the small and end customer sector.

You too can benefit from the specialist for customised telematics solutions and start today with an individual telematics package for your vehicle.

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