TSI Light The Online AI-Driver's Log

Cost under Control!

Control your vehicle costs and start saving on taxes with TSI's AI-Driver's log
  • GPS driver's log with artificial intelligence
  • Effortless, Fast & Secure
  • Flexible & available anywhere
  • Easy & Convenient
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Starting from 9.95€ monthly (Complete Package)

The driver's log with Artificial Intelligence

Route-AI keeps learning!

Route-AI is the artificial intelligence that truly automates your GPS driver's log!

  • Automatically recognise recurring journeys
  • Automatically assign trip reason and contact person
  • Automatically exclude private journeys
  • and much more…

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence in the TSI Light driver's log

More about Artificial Intelligence

Complete Cost Control

  • Exact billing for each individual journey
  • Accurate fuel costs with fuel log
  • Separation of business and private journeys
  • Integrated cost management with all vehicle-related expenses
  • Reminders for service and maintenance visits

TSI Light driver's log provides you with exact information about the costs of your vehicle at all times and allows precise invoicing of every individual trip. For example, document the actual costs for driving to your customers or the travel expenses for journeys made with your private car.

The integrated cost management and fuel and maintenance logs also record all other vehicle-related expenses. TSI Light automatically reminds you of appointments, such as upcoming workshop visits or tyre changes.

TSI Light macht Fahrtenbuch zum Kinderspiel

A Driver's Log is Child's Play with TSI Light

The TSI Light driver's log makes keeping a driver's log easy and hassle-free. Gone are the days when complex and time-consuming paperwork stood in the way of avoiding flat-rate taxation of your company car.

TSI Light reduces the necessary effort to a minimum. The system automatically records journey times, distances and mileage directly in your vehicle!

Our artificial intelligence Route-AI then adds reasons for the journeys, contact persons and much more, normally fully automatically.

Route-AI learns along the way and manual entries are soon unnecessary.

TSI Light

24 Months

  • Automatic driver's log
  • With Route-AI: integrated artificial intelligence
  • Free Smartphone app
  • Tracking module included
  • Complete set at the best price
9.95€ per month
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TSI Light


The flexible choice
  • Automatic driver's log
  • With Route-AI: integrated artificial intelligence
  • Free Smartphone app
  • Short contract term
from 14.95€ per month
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TSI Monitor

Telematics Platform

  • Integrated Enterprise Telematics Platform
  • Fleet Management & Dispatching
  • Direct Fuel Measurement & Monitoring
  • Advanced Measurements
  • Mobile Working Time Recording
  • ERP Integration
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TSI Connect: Your driver's log on the road

Free smartphone app

With TSI Connect, you always have your TSI Light driver's log at hand - even on the road!

Our free smartphone app not only gives you mobile access to your journey data, vehicle costs or the optional theft protection, but also allows you to easily update your fuel log while on the move.

Full control
on the road — with TSI Connect

Convenient & Flexible

  • Location-independent and available at any time
  • Mobile access with smartphone app
  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast and reliable

We know that every user has very individual requirements. That's why TSI Light is designed for flexibility and adaptability, from the ground up!
The system is tailored to you, not the other way around.

Likewise, the range of functionality can be tailored to your needs. Use basic packages and expand the functions you really need according to your needs. You only pay for what you really use.

Seamless integration into your existing business processes, workflows and systems are also core design principles of TSI Light.

TSI - Your Telematics Partner

TSI - Your Telematics Partner

TSI Telematic Services GmbH is a leading provider of telematics solutions and services. With TSI Light, we bring our established product line and many years of experience to the small and end customer sector.

You too can benefit from the specialist for customised telematics solutions and start today with an individual telematics package for your vehicle.

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